Children’s library - Nurturing the love for reading!

ASER report states that still a large number of school children in India are not able to read text normally read in their age. This is a serious obstacle for learning. Since reading itself is difficult, learning becomes even more chronic – which may even de-motivate a student. A good library will improve the situation greatly.

One of the primary aspects lacking in many Govt schools is a good library. Library we envision should just be some books, but should be a child friendly one. The titles should carter to the diverse needs of levels of every child. Our hope is that eventually all the students will come up to a comfortable level of reading.

Selection of books:

  • Our commitment is to design a child friendly library environment which would make reading more fun!
  • The titles are chosen from a range of subject staring from stories to advanced science book for children.
  • The books are chosen from various reputed children’s book publishers to ensure the quality.
  • Consultations were made with many experts and final list prepared by careful review.
  • Target audience is majorly Government school children who are pursuing their education in the native language.
  • Hence major titles are in local language. Nevertheless we have ensured that English books find a place in the collection.
  • All books are simple to read , comprehend and have lot of pictorials, which is essential to attract students into the reading habit.

Operating the library:

  • Site selection for library will follow our standard operating way which involves field visit, gathering requirements, discussion with local people, identifying local contact for project monitoring.
  • As with any program we work in partnership with the school to setup the library. Our process requires the beneficiary also to contribute in any form to the project.
  • All books, shelf are to be maintained by the school free of cost.
  • School must ensure free access to all the books to students and teachers.
  • School would maintain record of all the transactions that take place.
  • Every week special reading hours/group reading sessions to be allowed by the school management.
  • Design reading programs which will help the kids to enhance their reading skills. It should be preceded by initial evaluation of all the students to assess current ability.

Road Ahead:

  • Create an integrated digital library setup to help children access techonology for better learning.
  • We envision a day when these reading rooms will also be on the global network!
  • Enhance the library to be a creative learning centre by introducing crafts, origami and hobby classes.