Career Guidance program – Help students help themselves!

In today’s scenario the opportunity for growth are many fold than in the past. Students should be aware of all the available options in the area of their interest. This will help them work single mindedly towards their dreams.

Especially students in rural settings are least aware of career options. Hence many do not cross a particular threshold of growth. In fact many of the rural students we come across today seem to a first generation literate. That complicates things further as they do not have anyone to guide them.

Our career path program is designed to give details of various courses available. Knowledge of these options is the first step towards a better future.

  • Career Path Program includes
  • Follow up sessions to clarify any further doubts students have.
  • A self explanatory career path booklet which is handy
  • Have few career mentors trained and deployed full time to guide students.
  • Local schools/community to be empowered to take up take of guidance through mentors
  • For bright poor students bank loan guidance also pursued.

Road Ahead –

  • Look forward to a day where we would have counseling centre’s in all districts.
  • Empower communities, retired teachers to take up career guidance , ensuring long term sustainability for our mission.