Simple science labs – Awakening the giants within !!

Science lab program is not a lab infrastructure in technical sense, but provides the right tools to see science at work ! Be it building a motor or learning basic concepts of light – students love to learn it by doing. Program is designed to cater students mainly in the classes 6th to 9th.

How program operates –

  • Design simple experiments which cater to the learning requirements of each class.
  • Materials used are mostly day to day used materials !
  • Insist weekly labs session to be allotted to these class.
  • Focus is each student gets hands on individually basis.
  • Teachers also given training to handle these experiments in class room.
  • Students also encouraged to design new projects frequently.

Road Ahead –

  • Take this to as many schools as possible.
  • Advanced labs for higher secondary schools !
  • Would look forward day this becomes part of educational policy.