Primary school mentoring center– Helping children in their first step !!

Primary schooling is the most important phase in the formative year of the students. This phase needs to be given utmost focus to form a strong foundation for future learning. With recent Govt. programs like SSA lot of attention has been given to this, but we still feel more quality needs to be appended to this. Focus especially is required for children who are not able to cope up with all studentsn and might need more a better designed programs. Unfortunately current Govt .school system does not cater to this. Teacher : student ratio is the first big issue – hence quality becomes secondary.

Aim of our “Primary school mentoring centre” is to identify slow learners among the primary school children and bring them on par with reasonable standards.

Operation of the center :

  • Identify students who are weak in basic language and math skills through pre-assessment tests.
  • Teacher student ratio are maintained at 1:25
  • Specially designed course work to enhance language and Math skills.
  • This is mainly designed as after school program, but depending on school’s cooperation we may undertake on need basis during school hours too.
  • The Mentors are well trained to teach students and handle them in skillful ways.
  • Continuous assessment to make sure students are progressing in their learning.