Our programs are designed to cater educational requirements especially for school children. Idea is to emphasis in the areas which lack in existing educational system. Each program focuses on one important aspect of learning.

The Programs we are implementing are:

Library Program – Setup libraries in Government schools, village communities and orphanage homes to enable children enhance their reading skills. Lot of care is taken to ensure libraries are child friendly and the literature caters to various comprehension levels.

Career Guidance – Students can maximize their potential once they discover the passion they have and the options which lay infront of them. Idea is to guide the student to realize their dream in a more systematic way through our career guidance program.

Science lab for schools – Main joy of learning science is to see it work ! Or rather make it work. Hands on approach is a great way to learn fundamentals. The program focus is to have students do simple experiments on one-one basis – most of them with very commonly available materials!

Basic learning centre – Foundation for a strong learning is how to read and count. These skills need to be really strong for students to perform better. Basic learning centres strive to achieve just that !

Scholarship Program